Entity Framework Classic An EF6 fork with performance enhancement, new features, and .NET Core support

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What's EF Classic?

Entity Framework Classic is an EF6 fork. It's everything you like about EF6, but with better performance, must-have features, .NET Core support, and more.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for performance enhancement, an Entity Framework version that's compatible with .NET Core, tons of new built-in features and an outstanding customer support then EF Classic is for you!

Why should you use it?

EF Classic is a EF6 fork compatible with .NET Core. It's a limitless version that include tons of must-haves built-in features. Need support or a particular feature? Tell us more about it.


Our achievements

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What we achieved over the last 5 years has grown beyond our hopes. That motivates us to continue to grow and improve all our projects. Every day, we are committed to listening to our clients to help ease the daily dev workload as much as possible.

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